Not in the mood

As a crafter sometimes you just have an off day and that is ok. Just walk away and go do something else. Don’t feel bad that you don’t want to craft because there is always tomorrow.


Passion over profit

I advise all my followers do what you love and share your gift with the world and if you make money doing it good for you! I love Quilling because it makes me so happy to help others to express their love to their love ones either with a card with a personal message or by remembering our lord with an ornament on their tree

Mistakes happen and how I fix them

Too Much Glue: when I see that I have to much glue on the project that I’m working on or on my hands I either go and wash my hands as good as I can or I will use a wet wipe to clear the excess glue off the project

Not lined up right: if I look closely and see that my edges don’t line up right I will either cut the unaligned edge or if it’s not completely dry I will pull the pieces apart and realign the strips of paper that I’m attaching together

Crumpled up strips of paper: some paper crafters think that if there is any imperfections on strips of paper that it can’t or shouldn’t be used but I think that you can still use it no matter the condition or the paper. I usually lay out the strips of paper under a heavy book over night then the next day I use it with whatever project I’m working on

My favorite quilling tools and why

  1. The needle tools: I love how you can make curly paper and you can create seaweed or spiral basket
  2. The circle template: it helps you keep your side and the roundness while you work on other strips of paper
  3. The grid guide: it helps me make different shapes and I can draw anything I want on it
  4. The boarder buddies. It can help me make the outline of three different shapes: the circle, square and the triangle

The positives and negatives of owning your own business

The Positive:

  1. Making your own hours
  2. Get to decide what you want to sell
  3. Get to work alone or with others
  4. Work anywhere you want
  5. Create your own designs
  6. Sale anywhere you like

The Negative:

  1. Sometimes you sell your items and sometimes you don’t
  2. Not a lot of money for other things
  3. Creative block
  4. Not enough materials to finish a project

Updating your business

I think that if you want to make changes to your shops or what you’re selling is a great renewal for your followers. I’m in the process of updating my business cards to make them look more professional.

Crafting in a group vs. alone

As a crafter I think that it’s good either way but I also feel that if crafting in a small group you can share ideas and supplies. I hope to one day teach a small group of people my quilling craft.

Cool tip

I was on my tumblr the other day and was looking around and this tumblr guy who does Quilling has drawn a rocket ship and used the paint by number method to keep up with the right colors for his Quilling project and I thought that was awesome and I never would have thought to do something like that .

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