Inspirational Ideas that I love to Quill on

  • Picture frames
  • Canvases
  • Candle holders
  • Book covers
  • Vases
  • On wood
  • On glass
  • Plastic ornaments
  • Paper boxes

To much paper and not enough time……

I say you can never have enough strips of paper because you never know when your going to need it and have a bright idea. I try never to run out if I can help it. As for the not enough time it’s ok there is always tomorrow to continue a project.

Why working with others can be challenging it can also be a relief

As a Crafter I have to rely on the help of others to help me finish my projects like with my cards I always have asked my mother to help me design the front because I’m sorry to say but I am not a scrapbooker and I have no since of what colors go good together or what else should go on my card except for what I have quilled so after that I let my mother take it from there and I am alway happy with the end result even though it may take my mother time to complete her part and that alway drives me crazy but by working with my mother I have learned patients and how to work along side her and together we make beautiful projects to sell

Organizations I hold dear in my heart

Camp Carefree: Since 1986, Camp Carefree has provided a FREE, one week camping experience for kids with chronic illnesses. Our program also includes camps for well siblings of ill children, and a week for children with a sick parent.

The campground has accommodations for 120 campers, counselors and medical personnel, and offers the recreational and craft activities of a traditional camping program. The main difference involves the populations served and the residence of medical volunteers from UNC Hospitals, Moses Cone Health System, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and other area health facilities. These teams oversee the proper administration of medications and treatments that many of our campers require, and assures the close monitoring of their physical condition.

Many children with serious health problems live a protected life and spend a good deal of their young lives in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Camp Carefree provides them with needed freedom to play, learn and have fun with others who encounter similar difficulties. The psychological, recreational and physical benefits of camping with their peers can help make their personal battle easier to bear. Sharing their feelings with others who really know what it’s like to live with someone with a chronic health problem or disability helps these children know they are not alone in their plight. OUR EMPHASIS, HOWEVER, IS ON WELLNESS AND FUN!

Since the financial burden for families who have someone with ongoing health problems is often heavy, Camp Carefree’s policy is to provide each camper this experience at no charge to their families.

Camp Carefree’s construction has been a labor of love by volunteers from a broad area of the community. Likewise, our summer program could never succeed without the love and devotion of our volunteer counselors and medical staff. Donations of money, furnishings, and building materials have been received from many areas of the state allowing us to be debt free, with all existing facilities completed and paid for. Individuals, civic groups, churches, businesses and foundations have all had a part in contributing to our remarkable success.

With our major construction complete and paid for, we are now able to concentrate our time and income on expanding and improving our program. As with all facilities, there will always be repairs, additions and replacements to make, and as our program expands our costs rise. With the great support we have had from the community thus far, we feel confident we will continue to have friends to keep us solvent.

Camp Carefree is located in Stokesdale, NC, just 17 miles north of the Piedmont Triad Airport, making it a quick destination from Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem or anywhere else in the region.

We are a 401(c)(3) non-profit organization with no full-time staff; we are all volunteers! Your donation and the support of our sponsors make our mission possible.

PLEASE DONATE !!!!!!!!!!!

ECAC: Welcome to Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center’s (ECAC)  website.  This website is designed as a useful tool in your search for information. If you can’t find what you need, please call us 1-800-892-1321, or contact us using our website’s Quick Contact Form:

ECAC is dedicated to empowering families and improving lives, particularly for North Carolina families raising children ages 0 to 26 with disabilities. As a non-profit organization operated by and staffed primarily with parents of children with disabilities, we understand the needs of families as they navigate the special education process. We are here to assist all children in accessing a free and appropriate education.

Below is a list of resources and support. Contact us today – we are here to help.

• Come to workshop in your area – you can find the schedule on our website’s Training and Events Calendar:

• Call a Parent Educator to get individual information or assistance (1-800-962-6817).

• Borrow a book or DVD for yourself or your child from our Lending Library.

• Sign up for our mailing and email lists.

• Connect to us via our Facebook and Twitter pages (available in both English & Spanish):

• Volunteer to help with supporting other parents, fundraising, or marketing.

We also need and respect your comments and input.  Please let us know what you like about the website or what additional features or information you would like added.

Again, welcome to the ECAC website.  We hope you will visit us often.

Laura J. Weber, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Mind idea dumping

To much on ur mind well my suggestion is write it down and list was I most important to the least important and start working to finish you goal like when I have to many ideas I. My head for crafting I just have to write it all down and take it in to what needs to be done now and what can wait till later

Great News to Share

I was just told that I will have an opportunity to display my projects for sale at The Carolina Heritage Store in Mooresville, NC. I’m so very excited I really hope that it does well.

Feeling too cluttered

Well sometime I feel like I have to much of something so what I do is if I haven’t used it in a long while I pass it on to others who Quill or does other crafters.

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