End of the year crafting

Some people say that when the holidays come around it’s not necessary to craft more for a while but I think the opposite. Working all year round is the best way to stay ahead of the game and keeps you ready for the next craft show. I am planning on doing more then just 2 craft shows next year. I hope it will happen and be successful in the end.


Communication with my followers…..

Hey there everybody. I wanted you all to know that if you like my work on my Etsy shop but, don’t like the colors I will custom make anything that you maybe looking for. So please don’t be afraid to ask for something that you want to see from me.

My crafting flaw

One thing that I wish I could change about myself is that I keep up with doing my quilling everyday. It’s not a good thing to have a craft show around the corner and not a lot of inventory to sale. I really need to work on making more things to sale in a timely fashion.

Want to learn something new for free?

Hey all followers of mine I just wanted to share one thing with you guys today. Have you ever wanted to learn something without paying anything or even being in the classroom? Well I’m here to share with you an app that is really cool and it’s called Skillshare where you can learn anything just by watching a video. I think it is really cool because it helps me with difficulties that I am having in My Quilling journey. If it’s not quilling that she want to learn, I hope that you find something interesting on Skillshare.com.

Equipment repair

as I was using this tool I noticed that its wasn’t crimping a tightly as it should so I decided to tighten the screw on the tool and that made it work a lot better.

Where do I see myself in 5,10, or 15 Years with my business?

Well in 5 Years I see myself coming up with new ideas and maybe getting some help from other Quillers in North Carolina. I also see myself teaching what I know to others who may just be getting started on their Quilling journey.

As for where I see myself in 10 Years, I really hope to have a list of customers that buy from me over and over again and maybe just maybe my master pieces in a art gallery or something.

And last but not least where do I see myself in 15 years you may ask, well I see myself successful and Quilling as much as possible.

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